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Dennis Battel
Going Deep with his favorite RSP Bat. David plays in the CEBA Collegiate Wood Bat League in the Buffalo NY area. He also plays for SUNY Brockport.

In this particular game David went 3 for 4 knocking in 6 RBI's.
John Fendler
Congratulations to long time Pro Bats customer John Fendler for earning the PCBL-OC Triple-A Regular Season MVP Award accruing a record 85 MVP points!
Fendler also took home the OC Triple-A batting title with a .492 batting average.

This was certainly a season to remember.
Kenny Socorro (Chicago Cubs)
I finished my first year of pro baseball and I used a variety of bats to find what works best for me, I used 3 Competitors Bats and none compared to the Pro Bats PB275. The bat was perfectly customized to my liking and it was spot on. Not only is the wood great but the bat itself looks great too. Looks like I found the bat for me.

Kenny Socorro (Chicago Cubs)
Miami, FL

Testimonials from our Customers
This bat is awesome. I've gone 5 for 8 with it over 3 games.  Three singles one double and a HR.  I'm 65 and hadn't hit one out since 2002.  I couldn't be happier with this bats balance, performance, or ability to hit a ball solidly.  This is a serious hitting tool.
John Emerson

Thank you! 
Absolutely love the bats.  They are the best my son has used.  Keep up the great work and service!
Rich Cervone
Lexington, MA

Late follow up on the bats.They came in due time.  Nice feel. Solid sounding. Reasonable price. Letting the club know these are a good deal.
Greg Lund
Long Beach, CA

I just received my bat today.  I absolutely love it!.  Thank you guys for your great craftsmanship!
Talon Schaller,
Lakewood, CO

Hi Charlie,
We were away for a few days and just got it. (birth bat)  We love it!!  We can't wait until Friday to give it to Rob and Beth!!  Thanks again for your amazing work and for adding the line for big brother!!
Lynne Papa
Aberdeen, NJ

I've used many wood bat brands in the past (louisville slugger, easton, demarini,
marucci, etc etc), but I've found that the Pro Bats brand is the best, and I'm
sticking with them, cause all I buy nowadays are bats from Pro Bats!!!
Walter Czarny
Huntley, Illinois

Good Morning Charlie,I just want to thank you so much for making my grandsons 14th birthday special this year! The bat was exactly what we ordered and it is beautiful!
The Magic Bat is what we are calling it and it worked perfectly the first time he used it this past Sunday. He smacked in 4 RBI’s in his American Legion game!Judy Oneill
Richboro, PA

Hi Charlie,I just wanted to say thanks for these bats I ordered (PB73, PB275, PB502). The specifications (weight, finish and engraving are right on the money; very professional. I have owned a PB502 which was a gift from a teammate and I fell in love with it. He urged me to order two different models (PB275 and PB73). All three bats look and feel great. The new PB502 is an exact replica of my other one. I recently ordered two bats from another company that is supposed to be one of the top companies with a great reputation. The bats were high quality but I was disappointed. I felt they were overpriced and the finish was not professional. I am very happy with my order from Pro Bats. This is coming from a player who has played baseball for 32 years from Grasshopper to Division 1 College and now amateur baseball in the 38's league.Hector Diaz
Brooklyn, NY

Charlie,Got the PB116 today and it is amazing. The weight is spot on and the feel of all your bats is beyond greatness. Only you and Sam Bats seem to ever get the weights I want remotely close to anywhere I request. I would ask how you do it but I'm sure that is a trade secret. Keep making the best bats in the biz for the buck!!!!!Theron Ladd
Pittsburgh, PA

Charlie,Thanks for the great craftsmanship! One thing not mentioned much is that sound, yes when I hit the ball with my 350 its a sharp snappy crack and turns heads. Solid very solid and the ball just jumps off it thanks for being so quality minded.Jeffrey Via
Landsville, PA

Charlie,I bought my first Pro Bat (PB114) in 2004. This is the only wood bat that I have owned and used in games since March 2004. After hitting numerous home runs and extra base hits over the years, my PB114 finally had it's last extra base hit yesterday - 7/18/2010!!! It never broke completely, just a hairline fracture, but broken indeed. Find me another bat that you can use for 6 years without breaking, YOU CAN"T!!!!! I have hit balls off the handle and off the end of the bat and it doesn't matter. Please also keep in mind that approximately 3-6 teammates each year have used my bat for the past 6 years. It made me feel like I was Robert Redford in the natural! As you can see, it is now 7/19/20 - next day, and I have already ordered my replacement bat from Pro Bats!!!Jason Mann
NABA - Rochester, NY

Charlie,I appreciate the craftsmanship and speed that you sent our order. Hopefully one day we will be able to meet and share some war stories from the ball field.Jeff Reboin
Roseville, CA

Charlie,The bats for Matt's kids were unreal. He has already hung them on their bedroom wall. They were better than I could have hoped for. My 35 -33 is awesome. Beautiful job. Can't wait to get into the cage Friday. Thanks again for the professional service and workmanship.Dick Adams
Sacramento, CA

Charlie,I purchased a bat from you about 3 years ago and I have had great luck with it. Since this past Christmas I have purchased another 2 bats for my son to use now that he is playing in Varsity wood bat tournaments. This past weekend we compteted in our conference tournament. The entire team used our bats in practice and the games We watched bats shatter all weekend while yours stood up to the entire team useage without breaking. Thanks for a great product.Rod Anderson
Sikeston, MO

Charlie,You monitored my e-mail around 8:00 to 8:30 your time on a Sunday which shocked me. And today you informed me that you made the change to 34 -3 which thrills me. I was in business for 31 years dealing with customers of all walks of life. This is one of the finest examples of customer service I can imagine. Thank you so much. It means a great deal to a father and son with a passion for baseball. Really you have no idea how grateful I am.Thanks again,
Dave Jones
Staff Sargent Rifle Platoon 11 Bravo
1st/14th Infantry 4th Infantry Division
'A' Co. 1st Platoon
Golden Dragons

Charlie,I wanted to write to help other ballplayers. Since trying your bats at the MSBL World Series in Arizona a few years ago I am constantly amazed by the durability of the RSP brand. I have tried others out there and I can't believe how these bats hold up. We play 80 - 90 games a year and the RSP bats are very resilient and resistant to chipping, peeling and cracking like other bats do. I love the solid feel throughout the life of the bat. I also wanted to mention a couple of other products I purchased from you. Cleanup Batter is quite a revelation. For years I have tossed out bats that felt dead because of the excess Pine Tar buildup that added weight and slowed my bat. It quickly and efficiently made my bats look and feel like new. Your Bat Tar Up grip aid is the best thing I have tried. It consistently gives me a solid grip in all types of weather and doesn't leave a residue like other products.

Charlie,Thanks for reaching out to me at the MSBL World Series in Arizona. Love your bats and will be a customer for life.PS I see you have added Rick Lancillotti's video to your website. Rick was always a favorite of mine and my dad's at the old Rock Pile in Buffalo. I'm going to buy one right now.Dan Ingersoll
Buffalo, NY

Charlie,I play in a wood bat conference in college. I used your PB100 model all year. I had two during the season and they lasted 50+ games telling me that Pro Bats makes one of the most durable bats around.Mike Dowd
East Bridgewater, MA

Charlie,Thank you so much for getting this order out as quickly as you did, not only are your bats superior quality but your service also. Anytime wood bats are in a conversation I always mention your products and how my boys enjoy them. If you have time look at the NECBL home page web site for the player of the week, that's my older son and he used your bat PB 350. Thanks once again for years of hits.Jim Spatkowski
Bristol, CT

I received my bat and wanted to email and express how delighted I was when I removed the bat from its box. The bat is beautiful and is more than everything I thought it would be. Thanks for making my buying experience top notch and thanks for a great product.Anthony Simonetta
Central Square, NY

This is my third order for these bats. Theyre great with great balance and pop. The only reason I have to order more is that I keep letting other guys swing them. You guys put out a really great product. These are the best wood bats Ive used.Keith Fitzgerald
La Mesa, California

Charlie,I received the bats yesterday and I have to say, these are some of the best bats I have ever received. I have tried them all and RSP bats have the best feel and finish out there. One cannot find a true craftsman that puts out a better product than you. May keep one as a trophy and order another few. Keep up the good work for your fellow MSBL members and others that have found you.Chris Patt
Bay City Sturgeon Baseball Club
Northeast Wisconsin MSBL

Pro Bats are the strongest, most balanced wood baseball bats made anywhere today! Our players love the feel of the bat and they cannot wait to go swing them. Thank you Pro Bats.Jeff Waggoner
Head Baseball Coach
Marshall University

Mr. LaDuca,Just needed to let you know that when I opened the package the bat came in, it was beyond belief. I was so impressed without even hitting with the new bat. Since then I have taken roughly 300 swings and I continue to be overwhelmed by the quality and the durability of your brand bat. Ive had over 60 other bats in several years and by far none hold a light next to yours. I was so impressed the first day that I ordered 2 additional bats and will buy several more. I can honestly say this is my last stop for bats. Other companies Ive bought from have never called me like you did,or if they did it was just some telemarketer wanting me to do some survey.Thank you and may your business prosper.James D. Hamilton
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Charlie,I have been using my two maple wood bats for four years. During that time neither bat has chipped cracked or broken. They are excellent bats, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone.Larry Persing
Manager Jamestown 50s
Jamestown, NY

As a high school coach and private hitting instructor for 16 years I have seen many products in my time. For the last three years I have recommended your bat to my students with tremendous results. In those three years I have seen only one bat break. This was due to the fact that the young man hit for two years straight in lessons accounting for over 20,000 swings. The fact that you can customize bats to my players specs, based on my recommendations is awesome. To see their faces when they come to lessons with their new RSP bat is priceless. Getting a bat of this quality is like being in the big leagues. I only wish this bat was available when I was playing!Tony Tichy
Head Coach Niles North Baseball
Skokie Illinois
Hitting Instructor North Shore Baseball Academy
Highland Park, Illinois

Hi Charlie,Out of all our RSP bats we only broke one all last season, but we are ordering three more anyway for good measure! Thanks from the Sonoma Mariners, Redwood Empire Baseball League, California.Bill Furbush
Santa Rosa, CA

Hey Charlie,Awesome service. Thanks for filling my order so quickly and keeping me updated. Ill send you a picture of my son Nelson using his new bat.Sincerely,
Kevin Mitchell
Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

Coach,I am writing this letter to tell you how happy I am with your bats. I bought two bats from you. One I used as my main game and practice bat. I used it throughout my high school season and every College Select wood bat tournament. I also used it for my winter workout sessions with tee work and soft toss. It was my BP bat during the spring and I used it throughout a 60 game summer schedule. I mixed in the second bat I got from you as well. I finally broke that main bat after a year and a half of very heavy use. I swear by these bats. Your RSP line of btas are also the team bats used by my college. It is a wood bat league, and I only witnessed two broken bats during the entire season. Its hard to find good wood these days with good balance and good feel, but you guys do it the best!Mike Ferrera
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ

Charlie,This will be my second bat. I ordered my first one two years ago and LOVE it. This one is for my final year in the MSBL in Peoria IL. I had to get a bat I could count on in my final year. Thanks for a great great product.Brian Holt
Pinceville, IL

Charlie,The bat is beautiful and our coach loved it. Nearly brought him to tears!!! Thank you so much for all your help and for providing our team with the pleasure of giving such an awesome gift to our coach.Stephanie Kalakay
Acworth, GA

Hello Charlie,I just had to write you and your company to say the bat you made for me turned out incredible. It is perfect!!! I finally have found a wood bat I am comfortable with after my switch to wood from aluminum 8 years ago. I am very impressed, and I will be telling everyone in my league about your company.Jason Anarumo
Staten Island, NY

Charlie,We just received our Black Widow Youth Bat from you. My son was thrilled. We went right up to the cages and hit for 1/2 an hour. I want to thank you for your honesty on the shipping for our bat. I paid for three day select shipping and you refunded me $3.82 because the actual ground shipping was only regular 2 day from UPS and was cheaper. I would never have expected that from anyone. You really operate a first class business and have a repeat customer from here-on.Thank You,
Rick Flora
Chesapeake, Virginia

Charlie,I just wanted to thank you for setting up the Rockland Cavaliers with your bats this summer. We were more than satisfied with our bats. In fact some of us never even broke one all summer. I personally played 20 games with the same PB100 and it still has hits left in it. Getting a quality product like yours has definitely helped in our success. We plan to order more bats, and I will surely pass on your site and product to other ball players.Thanks,
Jim Brett
Rockland Cavaliers Manager/Player

Charlie,The 33.5/-3 PB200 I bought a few weeks ago was a GREAT recommendation on your part. What a sweet bat. Perfect blend of balance, bat speed and power. Everyone that’s picked it up likes it. After two batting practices with it I am consistently hitting low line drives that one or two hop to a 310’ fence. The ball just explodes off the barrel. I realize this is not a big deal powerwise….unless you’re an older guy playing 48+. Then it’s a big deal. Keep up the great workmanship and service.Mark Gordon
Irvine, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I received my softball bat in the mail today. It is exactly what I have been looking for. My order has been filled and shipped faster than I ever expected, and it looks awesome. YOU GUYS ROCK !!!Chris Merritt
Allen Park Michigan

I felt compelled to write and tell you how much I love the model PB73. The balance is incredible, and I can generate so much more bat speed with it than any other bat I can ever remember using. It is an EXCELLENT bat and I've already recommended your site to my teammates. Thanks a million.Tony Winkler
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Charlie,I received my bats when you told me I would, and they are great looking and have perfect weight distribution. You have definitely made a repeat customer out of me. Thank you for all your help.Michael Abatemarco
Brooklyn, NY

Charlie,These bats offer so much more in terms of performance and durability than do the pro stock ash bats. They are Major League wood caliber giving the player added distance to fly balls and harder hit ground balls and line drives. The wood is extremely hard making the durability of the bat second to none. I would recommend the Pro Bats to players of all levels.Vinny Rottino
Milwaukee Brewers Minor League Player of The Year

Charlie,It was great to meet you at our clinic this past weekend. Our staff and players were very impressed with your maple bats. I'm not sure how many balls were hit by your bats in the cages before one broke, but it had to be in the thousands. They are the most durable wood bats we have ever used.Harry Hillson
Head Baseball Coach Mansfield University

I purchased two bats from you a few weeks ago. I have been using Maple Bats for 3 years now and have tried several different companies with mixed results. A couple have held up pretty well, but most have have broken and dented fairly easily. To make a long story short I decided to try your bats after seeing them advertised on the Men's Senior Baseball League website. So far I have used it in 6 games. and have been pounding the ball. Last Sunday I hit two balls, one off the left field fence at 360' and one ball off the center field fence at 390'. The ball jumps off this bat like none I've ever used before. It also has hardly a blemish on it.Jim Toth
Media, Pennsylvania

I just received the bats today and they look awesome. You guys do a great job and the order was exactly what I wanted. My high school baseball coach told me that he still has a bat that he got from Pro Bats when he played in the Minors and that he loves it. He recommended me to you guys and I would do the same for anyone else now, too.Thank you Mr. LaDuca and Pro Bats!Lorenz M. Evans
Monmouth Illinois

Yesterday I received my maple bat with a natural finish. I am completely blown away by the look and feel of this bat. Never in my life have I swung a wood bat with such ease. Quality is definitely job one in your company and it is appreciated.Thank you and I look forward to my next bat order.Rodney James
Alexandria, VA

Hi CharlieJust wanted to let you know that my son LOVES his bat!!! Thank you for your wonderfull customer service and quality product!Rhea Aker
Cincinnati Ohio

Charlie,Just wanted to say...AWESOME BAT! Best bat I've ever had before. Definitely a great product at a value price. I can definitely tell the difference in the bat, particularly w/ the feel when making contact w/ the ball.
I went 4 for 5 in my first game w/ it and 1 for 2 in my 2nd game (2 walks). Already, some of my teammates are looking to place an order soon. Obviously, my next bat will be ordered from Probats in the near future.Regards,
Jason McLeod

At our draft, over 100 players took 10 swings each using RSP bats that resulted in none of the bats breaking. Many of the players gave positive feedback on the balance and quality of the RSP bats and are ordering them for regular season use. In looking at the RSP bats after the draft ended, there were many marks around the trademark and handle area, but none of the RSP bats broke. The Denver MSBL will be using a ton of RSP bats in our 60 team wood bat league this season!!Tony Panasuk, Denver MSBL Commissioner

I am so happy with the bat that I ordered from you that I want to order another one. (EXACTLY the same!) just in case something happens to the one I have. It is the strongest, most badass bat on my team, and we have a lot of bats. I feel lucky because I didn't get a chance to swing it before I bought it , but it fits me perfectly.Darby Lee Crum
Middlebury Vermon

Since I started using your maple bats I have been hitting the ball harder and I'm very pleased with the durability. I am also impressed with the hardness of the wood. There is very little marking on the bat where the ball has made contact. This is particularly impressive when you compare your maple bats to the ash bats I had previously been using. You have a customer for life.Kevin Kearney
Alameda, California

I’m just calling to let you know that I received the bat I rush ordered from you in time for the tournament. Thanks for taking the time to make my order a priority. That is customer service you don’t see much of these days, and I for one really appreciate it. Thanks again.Mike Dozier
Decatur, Georgia

As a player in multiple leagues, my bat gets a lot of use. With the PB100 bat I purchased from Pro Bats, I've hit shot, after shot, after shot and the bat is begging me for more action. I bring a rag to wipe the bat clean and the impression marks left by the baseball are barely visible. Great product and super value. Thanks, Charlie.Jim Venuto
Mansfield, MA

MSBL Brockton Indians, MSBL Rhode Island Riptides National Tournament NE StarsRSP Maple is without question the finest quality bat I've used in my baseball career dating back to single "A" ball in 1965-66). Proper care will make this the absolute best investment you can have in a wood bat purchase; and I'm a former salesman for KC Slammer Bats which were Major League approved.Gary Triolo
Manager-Denver MSB

Charlie,It was a pleasure having you with us as a coach at our Binghampton Showcase this past August. As you know, we used your bats in all of our showcases for wood bat BP as well as in Moosic, PA at a wood bat showcase and in the Jupiter Florida Wood Bat Tournament. The breakage was minimal to say the least. The vast majorityof the 24 bats we used from July to October are still in use. Our players truly enjoyed using your bats and we look forward to having you and Pro Bats with us again this year.Yours in Baseball,
Tom Rizzi
College Select Baseball

After my bat broke yesterday, it seemed weird that it would break that easy. I e-mailed the vendor Pro Bats and 2 minutes later the owner of the company called me on the phone and told me that I was right and that there was no way that it should have broken that quickly. He went on to say that once in a while a bat has an internal flaw that causes early breakage and that he would immediately 2 day air mail me another custom bat. Can you believe that service? It doesn’t take anymore than that to tell you where the value is when buying a new wood bat. If you are going to spend the money on a wood bat, then do it with this company.Rick Terry
Vero Beach, Florida

Charile,My son and I were introduced to your bats at the Babe Ruth World Series in Jamestown, NY. last summer. My son trained all winter and spring with a bat we purchased and after a year of pounding the baseball it is as strong as the day we bought it. Just wanted to say thank you and we will be ordering more as he enters high school and playes in more wood bat tournaments.Rod Anderson
Sikeston, MO

Charlie,Unbelievable performance and great balance and feel, Ive been told about them, now i have two of my own and im hitting the ball sharp and the bats are great. I have noticed more power and pop also. Great job and great product.THANK YOU,
Al DeVengencie
Warren, OH

Dear Charlie,We are more than pleased to tell you that at our recent Norwich, Connecticut Showcase we had 110 players who took 15 swings in BP off our pitching machine---NOT ONE BAT BROKE---that is a load of swings with no breakage---we look forward to having you with us at future events and the opportunity for our players to use your product in all the wood bat events we take part in.Thanks for a great product!Tom Rizzi
Consulting Director
College Select Baseball

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased Cole is with his new bat. It was exactly as we ordered it. I also want to express my deepest appreciation for your heroic efforts in getting the bat to us on such short notice. Cole got his bat in time for his wood bat tournament this weekend. He is the envy of the other players on his team with his personally engraved red and black RSP bat. You have a customer for life. Thanks Again,Scott Harris
North Richland Hills, Texas

Dear Charlie,I have had the privilege to have been on three MSBL World Championship teams. In 2004 I started using a Pro Bat 33 inch, 30 ounce maple bat. I now have four of them, and would not use any other bat in a division that requires a wood bat. To put it briefly, they are the best.Richard Wagner
San Diego, California

Charlie,Just wanted to thank you for my sons bat. The order was processed quickly, and the bat has held up well during his fall wood bat season. Hes had to learn how to hit a little differently with wood instead of metal, and the quality of his bat has virtually taken away any fear of bat breakage. I would have no reluctance recommending your product to anyone. We will definitely be ordering again next fall.Many Thanks,
Mark Elliott
La Crescenta, California

Dear Charlie:The durability of the youth maple bats you sent me exceeds all my expectations. I let my 10 U travel team use them for soft toss only just to get the feel of hitting with wood bats. My son Danny petitioned me to let him hit in our local batting cages. These were the same cages in which he had recently broken an ash bat. He has pounded more than 2500 rubberized cage balls with your bat. This bat has met the challenge! By now, he would have broken at least three or four ash bats.Danny also noticed the great balance of your bats. He is more enthusiastic than ever about hitting. He takes 200 to 300 swings per session, and he leaves the cages wanting more.Dan Piro
Oceanside, California

I had the good fortune to play on the MSBL World Champion 65+ team and the 58+ World Championship team of 2005. Because I have good teammates, and four players on each of those teams use maple model PB73 Pro Bats, we won two MSBL Championships in one year. As far as my PB73`s, I don’t leave home without them.Rich Wagner, five time MSBL Champion
La Jolla Ca

Hi Charlie,We did receive the four (birth announcement) bats we ordered and they are GREAT. They are everything we expected and more. These will be Christmas presents for our grandson, sons and a nephew who started T-ball this past summer. You will definitely be hearing from me come March when the next new grandson is to make his entry into the league. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience and product. You can definitely count us among your very satisfied customers.Sylvia Childers & Dave Delo
North Little Rock AR


We received the bats on the 16th. They are perfect!! My son loves the feel and balance of the bat. I'm glad we asked around before buying. We were referred to RSP by David Drake from number9 hitting.


Robert Hadfield

Lowpoint, IL

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