The Manufacturing Process

Once you place order, our team of production experts goes into action.  They select the proper wood billet based on your model, length and weight.  We even factor in whether or not you requested cupping.  Each wood billet has been meticulously inspected, weighed, and stored in a humidity controlled environment, assuring your bat will meet your exact specifications and expectations.  The billet is then placed into our state of the art lathe and turned.  From there, the bat is hand sanded and sent to our finishing room.  In our finishing room we apply your colors using high a quality stain.  Next, we apply two coats of our state of the art finish.  The finish is sprayed by hand, assuring complete coverage and a smooth durable finish.  Your bat moves on to our engraving room where your personalization is added.  We wipe color into the engraving making it pop.  Our label is applied, followed by another coat of finish and your bat is ready to go.  Well, not quite.  It must pass a final inspection which includes weighing your bat to assure that it matches exactly what you ordered.